Our Funeral Services

  • Our Memorials

    Commemorate your loved one's life with a Memorial to keep their memory alive. Choose from a variety of options, from headstones, urns to memorial plaques, vases, benches, statues, jewellery, and more, allowing you to create something special that reflects their life, love, and cherished memories.

  • A pink spray rests on a bamboo coffin to represent an attended funeral

    The Attended Funeral

    The Attended Funeral provides a tailored and dignified goodbye for your loved one. Whether traditional or contemporary, you can pay your respects in the supportive company of family and friends.

  • Flowers

    The Chapel Service

    We will provide a service at one of our chapels for friends and family to celebrate the life of your loved one. This will be followed by an unattended cremation, carried out with the utmost care and overseen by one of our qualified attendants.

  • White wild flowers lean in the wind to represent an Unattended Funeral

    The Unattended Funeral

    The Unattended Funeral is a lower cost option that allows family and friends to remember your loved one in their own way, without the need for a traditional service or ceremony.